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Sister Parish, an Enduring American Icon

by Carol Steffan • February 22, 2018

Born Dorothy May Kinnicutt on July 15, 1910, “Sister” Parish received her moniker from her 3 year-old brother Frankie’s nursery nickname. The “Grande Dame” of interior design, she is credited with ushering in what has become known as “American Country Style”. Parish remains an acclaimed and enduring interior decorator, one of the giants of American interior design. Vogue magazine once said she was “the most Read more …

Dorothy Draper’s New Baroque Vision

by Carol Steffan • January 9, 2018

A new style, known as “Modern Baroque” was created by interior designer Dorothy Draper in the early years of the 20th Century. Dramatic color schemes of cherry red and acid green and black and white sprang from her belief that incorporating saturated hues and contrasting color schemes “have a vital effect on our mental happiness”. Large details, oversize mirrors, and combining stripes with florals, all Read more …

The Legacy of Tony Duquette (1914 – 1999)

by Carol Steffan • December 4, 2017

Truly a Renaissance man, Tony Duquette contributed significantly to multiple fields and artistic endeavors. Whether in advertising, theater, costumes, set design, nightclubs, motion pictures, fashion, interiors or tapestries, Duquette’s enormous creativity shone like a beacon. Originally from Three Rivers, Michigan, Duquette became familiar with the West Coast through winter trips with his family to Los Angeles. Duquette moved to the “City of Angels” in 1935, Read more …

Samuel Abraham Marx (1885 – 1964)

by Carol Steffan • November 12, 2017

Influenced by the International Style, Samuel Abraham Marx was an American architect, designer and interior decorator. Born in 1885 to a Jewish family in Natchez, MS, Marx graduated from MIT’s Department of Architecture in 1907, and has been a major influence in furniture design, most notably, industrial. House Beautiful said about his work in 1948 that “Marx’s rooms have so satisfying a feeling that its Read more …

Gabriel Wiese’s Cork Art

by Carol Steffan • October 13, 2017

Born in Magdeburg, Germany, artist Gabriel Wiese discovered the potential of cork in furniture and object construction. After leaving school he began studying to be a cabinetmaker in Cadolzburg, reflecting on the design of particular pieces. Design and construction technique experiments led him to a number of projects. 1994 saw the creation of works of art using wood chips, hair, stones and cork. This eventually Read more …