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Hollywood Regency: Reaching for the Stars

by Carol Steffan • October 13, 2018

The term “Hollywood Regency”, while originating in the 1920s with larger-than-life personality and designer Dorothy Draper (see January, 2018 blog), appears to continue to have no shortage of adopters and admirers. Becoming popular with the masses after the wind-down of the Great Depression, it has since been going strong, and its unbridled glamour has evolved […]

Clearly Innovative: Charles Hollis Jones

by Carol Steffan • September 16, 2018

If you’ve ever looked at –or more accurately—through—a piece of acrylic furniture, you have one person in particular to thank. That man is Charles Hollis Jones, American artist and furniture designer. Jones has worked with many high-profile clients including Sylvester Stallone, Arthur Elrod, the Kardashians, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, architect John Lautner, Tennessee Williams Paul […]

Widdicomb, an American Furniture Company

by Carol Steffan • August 23, 2018

The ubiquitous American furniture company Widdicomb was founded as a cabinet shop in 1858 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its first four employees were William, Harry, John, and George, Jr., sons of George Widdicomb, an immigrant and skilled woodworker from Devonshire, England. All of the boys enlisted to fight in the Union army in the Civil […]

Edward Wormley (1907 – 1995)

by Carol Steffan • July 25, 2018

by Carol Steffan In the pantheon of twentieth century designers, Edward Wormley (1907 – 1995) is not a name that immediately comes to mind. But in his vision he conveyed modern residential furniture style to the masses. Using wood and upholstery in a tailored way, his work appealed to an audience not ready for the […]

Ico Parisi, Extraordinary Icon of Italian Design

by Carol Steffan • July 4, 2018

Although trained as an architect, Domenico “Ico” Parisi (1916 – 1996) was very much a renaissance man, and intensely interested in all forms of art. Not wanting to be labeled just as an industrial designer, painter, photographer or installation artist, he participated in all these forms, as well as in architecture in his more than […]