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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Gabriel Wiese’s Cork Art

by Janeen Swing • October 13, 2017

Born in Magdeburg, Germany, artist Gabriel Wiese discovered the potential of cork in furniture and object construction. After leaving school he began studying to be a cabinetmaker in Cadolzburg, reflecting on the design of particular pieces. Design and construction technique experiments led him to a number of projects. 1994 saw the creation of works of […]

Mid-Century Italian Modernism

by Janeen Swing • October 1, 2017

The mid 1950s saw designers both in the U.S. and abroad approaching Mid Century furniture style from a variety of angles. Along with American designer’s offerings such as Charles and Ray Eames’ molded plastic shells and classic leather and rosewood lounge chair came a “second Renaissance” in Italian furniture. Milan had become a hotbed of […]