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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Jay Spectre: A Point of View

by Janeen Swing • May 29, 2018

“In design, it is important to have a point of view. And a point of view is derived from a sense of style. Style, in turn, comes from an awareness of the world around us.” These words of wisdom were voiced by Jay Spectre (1929 – 1992) in a 1984 interview with Architectural Digest magazine. […]

Syrie Maugham: Let There be Light

by Janeen Swing • May 10, 2018

While previous interior decorators dabbled in it, Syrie Maugham (1879-1955) shot into prominence and ensured a place in design history with her all-or-nothing approach to the all white room. Applying her lively and adventurous vision to gallons of pale paint, bleached and pickled furniture, yards of snowy fabrics and all-white flower arrangements, Maugham’s drawing room […]