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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Emile-Jaques Rulhmann, Deco’s Designer Extraordinaire

by Janeen Swing • January 26, 2019

While Emile-Jaques Rulhmann had a relatively short life, he persists as a most important figure in the evolution of early 20th century furnishings, and especially the Art Deco movement. Although he had no formal training, his most notable talent was in translating neoclassical elements into modern sensibility and proportions, and his very successful works embodied […]

Elsie de Wolfe, Vanguard of Modern Design

by Janeen Swing • January 9, 2019

Elsie deWolfe (1859—1950) is credited with the “invention” of interior decoration, a statement not entirely true. The profession of interior decorator existed as early as 1900, several years before she received her first commission, The Colony Club in New York. Prior to that, interiors were largely done by architects, who employed upholsterers, woodworkers and artisans […]